This competition was created to find a logo for the project "The 3Rs for sustainable use of natural resources in Ulaanbaatar - 3R4UB". Graphic designers, creative talents or Mongolian citizens can take part, propose their ideas and win a prize of 1,000 euros.

The 3R4UB works at different levels

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Designing a plan for sustainable waste management in the city of Ulaanbaatar with a long- term view.
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Increasing public awareness and encouraging the sorting of household waste.
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To stimulate private companies to enter the eco-sustainable market for rescuing raw materials.
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Promoting financial investment to improve waste management and build a sorting plant, with the involvement of the private sector.


3R4UB consists of 6 different, closely interconnected Work Packages, some cross sectoral to the action, such as management, coordination and o communication.

Project Management and Coordination

Ensuring that the timelines and directives of the project are respected, checking the validity of the processes and the efficiency of communication between the parties involved.

Plan for a Smarter Consumption in the City of Ulaanbaatar

A Plan for the management of solid urban waste oriented to the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.
The plan provides for a greater inclusion of stakeholders and the definition of a tariff based on “the polluter pays” principle.

Training Program

Several technical workshops will be conducted to transfer skills to technicians and waste managers in LAs and MSMEs.
During the training activity a study visit to Europe will be held to exchange knowledge about the most innovative sustainable waste management system.

Pilot Project for a Green City

Schools become hubs for families to implement separate waste collection.
Pupils are involved in an educational programme that raises their awareness of waste recycling. A waste sorting plant will be re-building.

Financial Instruments

Stimulating the birth of financial instruments, as green investment fund, that contribute to the circular economy.
Making a feasibility study to realize an industrial plant for the management of the integrated waste cycle.

Communication and Awareness Program

The communication strategy is targeted on the youngest focusing on digital and social media. To increase the awareness various themed events will be held, such as Hackathons, to promote green consumption.